NAHSP Blog Post #2

The project team is continuing to make progress on several NAHSP and AEIS tasks.  

Our team developed a series of performance measures which was documented in Chapter 1 which was reviewed by the Project Advisory Committee (PAC). The performance measures are intended to complement the One Nevada Transportation Plan and will allow NDOT a way to track and analyze performance toward achieving the goals.

The project team is wrapping up the intensive data collection effort for both the NAHSP and AEIS. Our team conducted virtual visits with more than 50 airport representatives as well with key aviation stakeholders to learn more about aerial emergency services, tourism support, and governance issues and concerns.

Our team will be documenting the information we’ve collected into an Inventory Chapter and Issues Chapter for PAC review in the coming months. The data collected on the individual facilities will allow our team to classify the 160+ aviation facilities into state-specific system roles, helping define the aviation needs and how airports contribute to the system.

Our team has also been working hard to refine the Airport Regional Value (ARV) concept and process to meet the specific needs and desires of Nevada’s aviation system. The information collected in the inventory will directly feed into the ARV analysis to determine the system’s adequacy.

Travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines with respect to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are still impacting the team’s ability to safely conduct in-person site visits. We hope sometime during the summer we can hold in-person meetings to personally visit several Nevada airports and even potentially hold an in-person PAC meeting. 

Please keep checking the website for draft chapters and more information on the study’s progress.